Baguio Pure Vegetable Oil (1 Gallon)

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Baguio Pure Vegetable Oil (1 Gallon)

Weight: 1 Gallon Jar

Made with 100% pure coconut oil that comes from dried coconut meat or copra. Unlike other nutritional oils, which turn rancid easily, coconut oil has a long shelf life and is highly resistant to oxidation. The health benefits of coconut oil include boosting your immune system, maintaining cholesterol levels, assisting in weight loss, and promoting digestive health. It is also known to boost energy. One kilogram of coconut oil is said to furnish 9,500 calories of energy. Baguio Coconut Oil perfectly complements your family’s healthy diet. Aside from its many health benefits, coconut oil has a smooth, sweet taste that enhances the flavor of food. It makes for a good alternative to butter in baked goods and is also delicious in savory dishes, like curries and laing.

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